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第15回日本植物分類学会 奨励賞「水生植物カワゴケソウ科の形態進化と多様化過程の研究」(2021)

第10回日本植物学会賞 若手奨励賞「水平ボディプランをもつカワゴケソウ科の進化形態学的研究」(2013)

日本植物形態学会 平瀬賞(2011)


Peer-reviewed publications

Yuta TSUKAMOTO, Satoru YONEZAWA, Natsu KATAYAMA, Yugi ISAGI.(2021) Detection of endangered aquatic plants in rapid streams using environmental DNA. frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. Vol. 28, 62291. DOI:10.3389/fevo.2020.622291.

Natsu KATAYAMA, Rie TANAKA, Rieko Fujinami, and Ryoko IMAICHI (2019) Expression pattern of CUC3 ortholog in Zeylanidium tailichenoides (Podostemaceae) infers organization of a unique distichous shoot in Podostemoideae Journal of Plant Research. Vol. 132, pp. 521-529. DOI:10.1007/s10265-019-01113-x.

Natsu KATAYAMA, Masahiro KATO, and Ryoko IMAICHI (2016) Habitat specificity enhances genetic differentiation in two species of aquatic Podostemaceae in Japan. American Journal of Botany. Vol. 103, pp. 317-324. DOI:10.3732/ajb.1500385.

Masahiro KATO, Satoshi KOI, Chie TSUTSUMI, Natsu KATAYAMA (2015) A new crustose species of Zeylanidium (Podostemaceae) from Kerala, India. Rheedea. Vol. 25, pp.156–158.

Natsu KATAYAMA, Jessica K. ABBSOTT, Jostein KJÆRANDSEN, Yuma TAKAHASHI, and Erik I. SVENSSON (2014) Sexual selection on wing interference patterns in Drosophila melanogaster. Proceedings of the National Academy of the United States of America. Vol. 111, pp.15144–15148. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1407595111

Natsu KATAYAMA, Masahiro KATO, and Toshihiro YAMADA (2013) Origin and development of the cryptic shoot meristem in Zeylanidium lichenoides (Podostemaceae). American Journal of Botany. Vol. 100, pp.635-646. DOI: 10.3732/ajb.1200571.

Natsu KATAYAMA, Masahiro KATO, Takumi NISHIUCHI, and Toshihiro YAMADA (2011) Comparative anatomy of embryogenesis in three species of Podostemaceae and evolution of the loss of embryonic shoot and root meristems. Evolution & Development. Vol. 13, pp. 333-342. DOI: 10.1111/j.1525-142X.2011.00488.x.

Natsu KATAYAMA*, Satoshi KOI*, and Masahiro KATO (2010). Expression of SHOOT MERISTEMLESS, WUSCHEL, and ASYMMETRIC LEAVES1 homologs in the shoots of Podostemaceae: implications for the evolution of novel shoot organogenesis. Plant Cell Vol. 22, pp. 2131-2140. DOI: 10.1105/tpc.109.073189.

–*these authors contributed equally.
–This paper was picked up in the IN BRIEF section of this Issue.
N.A. Eckardt and D. Baum "The Podostemad Puzzle: The Evolution of Unusual Morphology in the Podostemaceae"

Natsu KATAYAMA, Satoshi KOI and Masahiro KATO. (2008). Developmental anatomy of the reproductive shoot in Hydrobryum japonicum (Podostemaceae). Journal of Plant Research Vol. 121, pp. 417-424. DOI: 10.1007/s10265-008-0171-y.

Review papers (Japanese with English summary)

片山なつ (2016)Diversification of aquatic angiosperms Podotemaceae. 水生被子植物カワゴケソウ科の多様化とその要因. 植物科学の最前線(BSJ review)Vol. 7 pp. 279–287.

片山なつ (2012) Adaptation to fast-flowing rivers: Loss of vertical body plan in Podostemaceae. 激流環境への適応:カワゴケソウ科における鉛直軸ボディプランの喪失. Plant Morphology. Vol. 24 pp. 45–49.

厚井聡、片山なつ (2012) Gene expression analysis on enigmatic shoots in Podostemaceae. カワゴケソウ科の特異なシュートの遺伝子発現解析. Plant Morphology. Vol. 24 pp. 73–84.


Satoshi KOI and Natsu KATAYAMA (2013) Gene expression Analysis of Aquatic Angiosperms Podostemaceae to Gain Insight into the Evolution of Their Enigmatic Morphology. In: I. De Smet (Ed.) Plant Organogenesis: Methods and Protocols. Series: Methods in Molecular Biology. Vol. 959 pp. 83–95. Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-62703-221-6_5

International congress

Invited talk
Natsu KATAYAMA. "Morphological misfits in Podostemaceae: Evolution of stem-leaf mixed organs" Mini-symposium "Morphological misfits" Zurich Switzerland, December 2012

Poster Presentations

Natsu KATAYAMA, Satoshi KOI and Masahiro KATO. "The evolution of unusual shoot organogenesis in Podostemaceae" XVIII International Botanical Congress, Melbourne Australia, July 2011


Natsu KATAYAMA, Masahiro KATO and Toshihiro YAMADA. "Development and origin of novel embryonic shoot meristem in Podostemaceae" East Asian Botany: International Symposium 2011, Tsukuba Japan, March 2011


Natsu KATAYAMA, Satoshi KOI and Masahiro KATO, "Flower development in Hydrobryum japonicum " , XVIII AETFAT Congress, Younde, February-March 2007.

国内学会(Congress in Japan)


第15回日本植物分類学会 若手奨励賞受賞講演「水生植物カワゴケソウ科の形態進化と多様化過程の研究」日本植物分類学会第20回(オンライン)2021年3月

第10回日本植物学会賞 若手奨励賞受賞講演「水平ボディプランをもつカワゴケソウ科の進化形態学的研究」日本植物学会第77回(札幌)2013年9月

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片山なつ, 西山智明,厚井聡,倉田哲也,山田敏弘,今市涼子,加藤雅啓.「網羅的遺伝子配列で明らかにする水生植物カワゴケソウ科多様化の鍵」日本植物学会第79回大会 公募シンポジウム「ポストゲノム時代の植物進化研究」(オーガナイザー:豊倉浩一,市橋泰範)(新潟)2015年9月


片山なつ, 厚井聡,山田敏弘,加藤雅啓.「植物体の扁平化:カワゴケソウ科の進化発生学」第53回日本植物生理学会 公募シンポジウム「器官が扁平になるとき:その基本メカニズムとエボデボ」(オーガナイザー:山口貴大,塚谷裕一)(京都)2012年3月


片山なつ,厚井 聡,加藤雅啓,山田敏弘.「激流環境への適応:カワゴケソウ科における扁平なボディプランの進化」日本植物学会第74回大会 公募シンポジウム「おかしな形はかしこい形?―環境に合わせた植物形態の進化―」(オーガナイザー:堤 千絵,山田敏弘.共催:日本植物形態学会)(東京)2011年9月


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